Book, Americas Churches Through the Eyes of a Bum (Hard Cover)


$ 19.95 

(Hardcover) 336 pages

Richard Headrick is a successful businessman from Laurel, Mississippi. He and his wife Gina have spent most of their weekends since 1998 hanging out in the lawns, parking lots and cemeteries of America's churches dressed, not as upstanding citizens, but rather, in the tattered and smelly clothes of the homeless. It is in this guise that they have experienced the shocking response of today's Sunday morning, church-going crowds to people to people who "don't look like they do."

Rejected, despised and looked down upon by many, but loved and cared for by some, this is their true story of how God's Golden Rule is no longer being applied to the down and out that show up on the doorsteps of America's churches. When Jesus said in Matthew 7:12 (paraphrased) "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," He really meant it.

After reading this book, you will no longer look at others the same way. America's Churches Through the Eyes of a Bum will stir you to wake up and not only take notice of the real needs that surround you, but to also do something about them!